Who is Stuart Watson and what is his story?

Stuart comes from a working class family in the Northeast of England; he endured a hard upbringing both physically and mentally, struggled with education due to dyslexia. Stuart's path through life has led him on a journey where he has survived 4 near death situations and provided him with many life skills that could be seen as complex or indifferent, due to his life experiences.

Stuart is a well-known, respected, trustworthy and honest man, who projects a strong moral presence, while priding himself as a man of his word. Where Stuart has always been a spiritual man, it wasn't until a string of unexplainable events that Stuart began to notice a sudden change in himself and the world around him.

Following a number of these events, Stuart sought guidance and understanding on what was happening from a High Priestess and this lead him to Glastonbury. Through the High Priestess of Glastonbury's guidance Stuart was able to realise the gift he had been given and the strength of the energy he now had access to. Once the level of Stuart's ascension was realised, the High Priestess was able to guide him through the early stages of his transformation.

Since that day Stuart has been on a journey for answers that has lead him to meet many approved and highly acknowledged people in the field of healing energy. One of these people is Helen Geddes, a pioneer of energy healing who is regularly commissioned to work with both animals and people all over the world. Helen not only recognises Stuart's level of healing power, but has gone as so far as to refer her own clients to Stuart due to his healing power.

When discussing the subject of Stuarts healing power, David Cunningham, a man who has worked with high profile clients all over the world, recognises the level of Stuarts healing powers and has even went as far as stating Stuart is the most powerful divine energy healer he’s has ever seen.

It is due to the help of these people and more that Stuart has been able to realise and embrace his gift and Stuart would like to take the opportunity to thank them all, but most of all a lady called Joan, who helped him through the early stages of his journey and continues to help him even now with his spiritual awakening.